A National Organization for Rural and Remote Nursing

The Canadian Association for Rural and Remote Nursing (CARRN) is a national organization that has associate member status with the Canadian Nurses Association. CARRN has members from across the country.

Objectives of CARRN include:

To promote the development and dissemination of standards of practice
To facilitate communication and networking
To present the views of the CARRN to government, educational, professional and other appropriate bodies.
To explicate the evolving roles and functions of rural and remote nurses
To identify and promote educational opportunities
To promote the conduct and dissemination of research
To collaborate with the key stakeholders on the development of sound health policy for those living in rural and remote Canada.

recent Carrn activities include:

• Representing rural and remote nurses on the Rural Road Map Implementation Committee(RRMIC)(2018)
• Increased social media presence 2019 (Facebook, Instagram)
• Collaboration with the Canadian Nurses Association to discuss a national strategy to highlight the important work that Canadian rural and remote nurses do (2019)
• Creation of a national working group to update or create a working document/framework/position paper on Canadian rural and remote nurses(2019)
• Partnership developed with PASS (Pre-Arrival Program for Nurses) to offer monthly CARRN webinars to their membership (2020)
• New website (2020)
• Attending Canadian Network of Nursing Specialties regular network meetings and sharing information with members

Knowing the Rural Community: A Framework for Nursing Practice in Rural & Remote Canada (2021)