Executive 2019 - 2021


Michelle Pavloff
I graduated with a BSN degree from the Nursing Education Program of Saskatchewan in 2005. In 2014, I completed a Masters degree in Nursing and am currently a Nursing PhD candidate at the University of Saskatchewan. My area of interest and research is rural nursing and simulation. I currently teach in the Saskatchewan Collaborative Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program at Saskatchewan Polytechnic. In addition to studying and having worked rural, I reside on a farm in rural Saskatchewan, so am very passionate about building capacity in this specialized area of nursing. I am honored to be a part of CARRN and am looking forward to meeting more rural/remote RNs from across Canada through this association.

Past President
David Razao
I was born in Harare, Zimbabwe. Moved to Canada in Aug 2005 and attended Laurentian University where I received a BScN degree in 2009.

My work with CARRN began during the second year of my undergraduate studies at Laurentian University in 2007. Over the years and throughout my graduate studies, I have assumed various roles within the executive including: treasurer, secretary and president-elect. CARRN has provided a platform to conduct research and to engage and advocate for nurses working in rural and remote settings. My research work and interests are in the areas of education, simulation and psychiatry where most of my clinical experience has been. My teaching and research work is affiliated with the University of Alberta.

Treasurer/ Secretary
Christine Cercena

I am an experienced nurse in multi-facets of Nursing; a healthcare leader with expertise in strategy, transformational change and performance measurement. Currently working as a clinical manager in Ottawa, Ontario. Lean yellow belt certification has allowed me to understand the need for improvement and creation of sustainable positive change. Born to motivate and mentor. I have great coaching skills and strong rapport with frontline nursing staff empowering them to lead the change for improvement. Leads with transparency and kindness - helping organizations realize their potential in delivering quality care one patient at a time. I hope to use my knowledge and expertise to advocate for nurses in rural and remote areas in Canada.

President Elect
position vacant

Membership Coordinator
Sharleen Jahner


I was a graduate of the Diploma in Nursing program at Kelsey Institute in Saskatoon in 1985, attained my Post BScN in 2008 and Masters degree in Nursing in 2013 from the University of Saskatchewan, and currently completing my PhD at the University of Saskatchewan. My area of interest is the impact of exposure to distressing traumatic events on the psychological and physical well-being of rural nurses who live and work in the same rural community. I have worked in a variety of rural and remote communities and urban centers across the western provinces in a broad range of nursing, coordination, education, and management roles, including the First Nations Inuit Health Branch and Ministry of Justice Coroners Branch. My experiences have provided a first-hand and in-depth understanding of the unique complexities nurses face in rural settings, challenges and disparities, and underscored the importance of my research and it’s application to improve the quality of lives of rural nurses. I currently work for the Saskatchewan Health Authority and am a Research Assistant on the Nursing Practice in Rural and Remote Canada II Study with a team of professors from the University of Saskatchewan and across the country.

I am grateful and excited for the opportunity to be part of the CARRN team and look forward to building membership capacity throughout Canada.

Newsletter Editor
Nicki Armstrong 

I am a newly minted NP practicing at the Red Deer PCN Street Clinic and started my career in healthcare as a reserve Army medic and a degree in kinesiology. I completed my BN at the University of Calgary in 2006 and since then have worked in a variety of settings but always comes back to my roots in rural acute care and emergency. I have worked in Nepal and Bangladesh and have a strong interest in rural and remote nursing; global health; and health promotion with vulnerable communities. 

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