Executive 2017 - 2019

David Razao
I was born in Harare, Zimbabwe. Moved to Canada in Aug 2005 and attended Laurentian University where I received a BScN degree in 2009.

My work with CARRN began during the second year of my undergraduate studies at Laurentian University in 2007. Over the years and throughout my graduate studies, I have assumed various roles within the executive including: treasurer, secretary and president-elect. CARRN has provided a platform to conduct research and to engage and advocate for nurses working in rural and remote settings. My research work and interests are in the areas of education, simulation and psychiatry where most of my clinical experience has been. My teaching and research work is affiliated with the University of Alberta.


Past President
Deirdre Jackman

I graduated from the University Hospital, Galway, Ireland in 1985. In 1988, I emigrated with my family to rural Alberta and began a  career in a rural nursing in a small acute setting. While working as a rural RN, I  completed a BScN in 2000, an MN in 2004 and a PhD in 2011 from the University of Alberta. I currently hold the position of Clinical Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Nursing, University of Alberta, since 2012. My research focus is nursing education, specifically rural practice including interdisciplinary models of care. I joined CARRN in 2009 as a way to engage with other rural RNs, including clinicians, researchers, and those involved with bringing focus to the role of the rural RN. I am passionate about rural nursing and continue to research, teach, practice and advocate for its importance in the Canadian healthcare system. I believe CARRN provides a forum to dialogue, read and interact with other engaged rural RNs throughout Canada.


Jeannie Hare
I graduated in 1971 in Calgary, ALberta working at rural hospitals throughout my 43 year nursing career. I held various positions from front line RN, head nurse, nurse manager and Sage Coordinator and have worked for a nursing travel agency for the last couple of years. I also am passionate  about rural nursing and have long since thought of it as a speciality. I joined CARRN after meeting a dedicated  executive member of the group at a conference and joined to support the unique role of the rural RN.



President Elect

Michelle Pavloff
I graduated with a BSN degree from the Nursing Education Program of Saskatchewan in 2005. In 2014, I completed a Masters degree in Nursing and am currently a Nursing PhD candidate at the University of Saskatchewan. My area of interest and research is rural nursing and simulation. I currently teach in the Saskatchewan Collaborative Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program at Saskatchewan Polytechnic. In addition to studying and having worked rural, I reside on a farm in rural Saskatchewan, so am very passionate about building capacity in this specialized area of nursing. I am honored to be a part of CARRN and am looking forward to meeting more rural/remote RNs from across Canada through this association.

Membership Coordinator
Meg McDonagh
I am graduate of Vancouver General Hospital School of Nursing and earned a BScN at the University of Alberta, a MN from the University of Calgary and an Advanced Graduate Diploma (NP) from Athabasca University in 2009. My rural and remote experience includes practicing as a Nursing Supervisor in Inuvik, NT and practicing as a rural nursing in Sundre for many years.

I am a founding member of the Canadian Association for Rural and Remote Nursing (CARRN) and have served in a variety of roles on the Executive since 2004. Currently, I practice clinically as a NP (Family All Ages) in Cochrane and Airdrie and teache in the Undergraduate and Graduate Nursing Programs at the University of Calgary.

I have participated in ethnographic rural research projects related to rural residents’ health beliefs and research utilization in rural and northern Canada. I believe membership in CARRN provides us with enhanced opportunities to connect, share ideas, collaborate and work together to improve nursing practice for those living in rural and remote Canada.


Newsletter Editor

Melane Mullings
I am a graduate of Queen’s University School of Nursing and earned my BNSc. in 2002. I’ve had the opportunity to work in a number of nursing specialty areas throughout my career in various locations throughout Canada and the U.S. 

Through personal and professional experiences over the years, I developed a passion for the nursing shortage that led me to conduct independent research over a four year period on the issue. My study included a comprehensive review of the detrimental effects of the nursing shortage, with a focused comparison between the U.S. and Canada, and the strategies utilized by each to address the issue. The findings of this research, and review of industry best practices, led to the genesis of my role as Principal at pRN Staffing Solutions; an RN recruitment firm focused on the recruitment and retention of exceptional RNs to rural and remote communities across Canada experiencing difficulty staffing.

I hold membership to the Association of Professional Recruiters of Canada and the Canadian Professional Trainers Association. I am passionate about increasing the RN workforce in rural and remote areas with exceptional RNs, and enjoy speaking, teaching, and informing the public on the issues of the nursing shortage, and it’s resultant effects on all of us. I am excited to be a member of the executive of CARRN as we work to advance the rural and remote nursing practice in Canada.
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