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RC Bowman, JC Kulig. The North American section of Rural and Remote Health: the time has come! Rural and Remote Health 8: 1016. (Online), 2008 ... pdf file

Cinelli RL, Peralta LR.  'Achievement, pride and inspiration': outcomes for volunteer role models in a community outreach program in remote Aboriginal communities. Rural and Remote Health (Internet) 2015; 15: 3482... web link

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Iannella S, Smith A, Post DK, Haren MT.  How widespread are the use of frameworks and theories in applied health promotion research in rural and remote places? A review of programs targeted at cardiometabolic risk factors. Rural and Remote Health (Internet) 2015; 15: 3529... web link

Jackman,D., Myrick,M., & Yonge,O. (2010).  Rural nursing in Canada: A voice unheard. Online Journal of Rural Nursing Healthcare... web link

Jackman,D., Myrick,M., & Yonge,O. ( 2012).  Putting the R(ural) in preceptorship. Nursing Research and practice, Article ID: 528580... web link

Kelley M, Williams A, DeMiglio L, Mettam H.  Developing rural palliative care: validating a conceptual model. Rural and Remote Health (Internet) 2011; 11: 1717... web link

Kirby S, Moore M, McGarron T, Johnstone P, Perkins D, Lyle D.  People living in remote communities can have best-practice diabetes care. Rural and Remote Health (Internet) 2015; 15: 3203... web link

Kulig, J. (2016). The time is now: Setting a rural health research agenda. Electronic Journal of Rural and Remote Health Research from... pdf file | web link

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Kulig, J.C., Kilpatrick, K., Moffitt, P., & Zimmer, L. (2015). Recruitment and retention in rural nursing: it’s still an issue. Journal of Nursing Leadership, 28(2), 40-50. doi:10.12927/cjnl.2015.24353 ... web link

Lea J, Cruickshank M. The support needs of new graduate nurses making the transition to rural nursing practice in Australia. Journal Of Clinical Nursing [April 2015;24(7/8):948-960 13p... web link

LeDrew H.M., Moores P., Read T., O'Regan-Hogan M.  He’s here and he’s gone; he’s here and he’s gone… The experiences of new mothers in rural Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, whose partners work away from home. Rural and Remote Health 2018; 18: 4542. web link

Mader EM, Roseamelia CA, Lewis SL, Arthur ME, Reed E, Germain LJ.  Clinical training in the rural setting: using photovoice to understand student experiences. Rural and Remote Health (Internet) 2016; 16: 3877... web link

Manahan CM, Hardy CL, MacLeod MLP.  Personal characteristics and experiences of long-term allied health professionals in rural and northern British Columbia. Rural and Remote Health (Internet) 2009; 9: 1238... web link

Massey PD, Pearce G, Taylor KA, Orcher L, Saggers S, Durrheim DN.  Reducing the risk of pandemic influenza in Aboriginal communities. Rural and Remote Health (Internet) 2009; 9: 1290... web link

Mathews M, Seguin M, Chowdhury N, Card RT.  Generational differences in factors influencing physicians to choose a work location. Rural and Remote Health (Internet) 2012; 12: 1864... web link

McCullough KM, Williams AM, Lenthall S.  Voices from the bush: remote area nurses prioritise hazards that contribute to violence in their workplace. Rural and Remote Health (Internet) 2012; 12: 1972... web link

McDevitt, J., & Melby, V. (2015). An evaluation of the quality of Emergency Nurse Practitioner services for patients presenting with minor injuries to one rural urgent care centre in the UK: a descriptive study. Journal Of Clinical Nursing, 24(3/4), 523-535 13p. doi:10.1111/jocn.12639... pdf file

McKenna, P., MacLeod, K., Le, C., Tok, K., Ursenbach, J., Sutherland, L., & ... Rowe, B. H. (2015). Management of acute exacerbation of COPD in rural Alberta emergency departments...Pulmonary Disease, Chronic Obstructive. Canadian Journal Of Rural Medicine, 20(1), 7-14... pdf file

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Oosterbroek, Tracy A, Yonge Olive, & Myrick Florence. Rural Nursing Preceptorship: An Integrative Review. Online Journal of Rural Nursing and Health Care. Vol 17, No 1, 2017... web link

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Rourke J, Asghari S, Hurley O, Ravalia M, Jong M, Graham W, Parsons W, Duggan N, O'Keefe D, Moffatt S, Stringer K, Sturge Sparkes C, Hippe J, Harris Walsh K, McKay D, Samarasena A.  Does rural generalist focused medical school and family medicine training make a difference? Memorial University of Newfoundland outcomes. Rural and Remote Health 2018; 18: 4426. web link

Seright TJ.  Clinical decision-making of rural novice nurses. Rural and Remote Health (Internet) 2011; 11: 1726... web link

Tall JA, Brew BK, Saurman E, Jones TC.  Implementing an anti-smoking program in rural-remote communities: challenges and strategies. Rural and Remote Health (Internet) 2015; 15: 3516... web link

Vafaei A, Rosenberg MW, Pickett W.  Relationships between income inequality and health: a study on rural and urban regions of Canada. Rural and Remote Health (Internet) 2010; 10: 1430... web link

Yonge,O., Myrick,M., Ferguson,L., & Grundy,Q. ( 2014). Nursing preceptor experiences in rural settings: " I would work here for free".  Nurse Education in practice, 13(2), pp.125-131... web link

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